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Neve 8048:  32 input, 16 Buss console 

Vintage Tones recently acquired this classic recording console from a client in New York.  The console is almost fully restored.  Only a small number of faults have yet to be fixed, but will be fixed before delivery.  Here is a list of what has been done so far:


-Recap (28) Neve 1064 Mic/line pre EQs

-Recap (32) Neve 1985 switching units

-Removed mod for Necam in Neve 1985 modules and 208 cards

-Resoldered tape return patchbay

-Assessed broken reed relay card edge connectors

-calibrated (2) Neve PSUs

-Trouble shoot monitoring/ quad buss Neve

-Preliminary test of busses/jukebox section of the Neve 8048

-Replaced reed relay edge connectors #11-20

-Removed and soldered all buss insert and output wiring

-Identified patch bay direct outputs

-repaired recapped buss out 1272s 1-16

-troubleshoot and repair reed relay boards buss/tape monitor & meter

-Recapped buss routing modules 1-8 modules #1993


Here is a list of what has been done so far: 


-test routing modules

-repair the remainder of the mic in tape in wiring

-replace tape in/out monitor switch

-repair & check all 1271/72s & calibrate

-1278 console monitor & oscillator

-assess and label the patch bays

-assess the level issue w/ routing modules/faders

-replace edge connector on 1272 buss #15

-replace all missing or broken guide rails

-Recap rev return modules

-calibrate console

-repair spare 1271 mon out #3

-troubleshoot, repair or replace reed relay boards for Quad buss and tape 17-24

-repopulate the spare 22pin edge connectors used to replace relay boards 11-20 above



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